A widows application which extends and adds new features to the Microsoft Test Manager.



•  Easier test case creation process, which leads to higher efficiency.

•  Because of the huge text fields, the test case editor allows you to edit your test case with ease!

•  Do you make mistakes? Nobody is perfect, that’s why Undo/Redo functionalities are implemented.

•  “All Shared Steps” view allows you to edit, duplicate or make new shared steps with ease. Just a click and you can modify your shared step!

•  While making a new test case, you may need to add a shared step without loosing the focus on your test case… The Fast add shared steps + Filter module helps you to do that without loosing time for retrieving the whole shared steps.

•  On hover of specific shared step from all shared steps -> shows inner test steps, thus entering into the shared step is not necessary.

•  Have you had the need of getting a shared step copy but a bit modified one? Change button -> Copy shared step -> Alter it and Share it again…

•  “Find and replace” or “Find and duplicate” within all suites is possible.

•  Changing “Assign To” or “Priority” of test cases in different suites is a few clicks task.

•  Searching for test cases is very easy. Just type for it!

•T  he manager can hide the automated tests, so the search for a manual test case gets easier.

•  Very nice and readable export functionality

•  Focused and clean design, without additional useless stuff.

•  Option to expand “drop down field” on hover (efficiency tweak)

• Different Themes for different user’s desires (Dark / Light / Colored)


Exported Test Cases Report


Extended Test Case Editor



What is coming soon…

•  Pass fail active grid.

•  Pass fail active add to export.

•  Navigation bar.

•  More fast keys.

•  Rich documentation.

•  Regex search.

•  Release notes.

•  Updates functionality.

•  Drag and Drop of test steps in the editor.

•  Release notes.

•  Updates notifications.



Modern UI for WPF- https://mui.codeplex.com/

Adapted the TransitioningContentControl from WPF Toolkit

Test Case Extractor- https://testcaseextractor.codeplex.com/

TFS Test Step Editor- https://teststepseditor.codeplex.com/

Modern button icons in sample app taken from http://modernuiicons.com/

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