Under “Production” Views are grouped all views related to test case editing, creating or duplicating. Also creating/editing shared step views are also included. All of them are similar to each other with small differences, which will be explained in this page.

In order to enter in “Edit Test Case” View you may use one of the few ways. The first is to select a test case then from the context menu choose “Edit”. The second way is to select the row and click on “Edit” button placed on Top or the one placed on Bottom (see the screenshot for more details).


“Create New Test Case” / “Edit Test Case” / “Duplicate Test Case”

When you create a test case it is important to check the selected suite, since it will be inserted into it. One of the main regions which will be used in most of the time while using the tool are “Work on Step” and “Search for a Shared Step”.




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