The purpose of this view is to manage the test suites and test cases. In left you can see the tree-view of the suites. On the right side of the separator it is the gird with the buttons related to test case management.


With right click (context menu) you can manipulate already existing suite or to create a new suite inside the selected one. Note that if you need the suite to be parent, you have to select “ALL” then right click and add a new suite, otherwise it will be a child to the selected suite.SuiteContextMenu

In order to create a new test case, first create a test suite, then select the suite and click the button “New”, the test case editor for test cases will be shown (the test case editor is explained in another page).


Another important part is the grid which lists the test cases of the current selected suite. Also it is possible to make group selections - while holding CTRL click with the left mouse button.


Very useful “search on key pressed” functionality is implemented for faster scope searching. It is possible to search by more than one criteria as shown on the picture below. The search criteria is by ID, which contains the digit one and the test case title, which contains “Test Case”:


One of the most important feature is the export, which extracts the test cases and convert them into HTML file:



Sort functionality is possible by clicking on the column header, a little triangle appears which shows the sort type – ascending/descending. Currently it is supported only by single column:


Another way to scope for certain group of test cases is to filter by execution status (initially all test cases are with “Active” status):


To re-arrange the test cases simply click on “Arrange” button and another view will be shown with options to edit the current order of the test cases. Make a selection of test cases then press "Up" or "Down" button to re-arrange the order. Once the arrangements are done, click “Save” button:



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