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ParameterValues from DataLocalSource field does not get transferred


The parameter values, used to store different testing data for each test case, does not seem to come across on a migration. These are hard to capture and re-enter. In my case 25% of the test cases had some data here. Ideas?


7astlivec wrote Aug 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Hi man,

100% this is not working in the Test Case Manager, you are right. I really tried to search through the default TFS Client for an easy fix. However every property and method that I saw was internal or private. Probably if you play with the decompiler you can find something useful I don't know. I can give guidelines if you want to implement this step alone. Probably it's doable but I'm not confident. Their API is private and there isn't a public documentation or blog posts. My app is the most deep into their API usage on the internet however it requires many hours of searching through their DLLs.

Again if you want to implement it I can try to guide you trough my code and part of their main classes and methods.