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Test Case Manager

Windows Application which extends and adds new features to MS Test Manager.



  • Easier test case creation process, which leads to higher efficiency.
  • Enhanced test case edition process.
  • Undo/Redo 
  • “All Shared Steps” view- create, edit, duplicate shared steps with one click.
  • Search test cases where specific shared step is used.
  • Associate C# tests to test cases directly from the tool.

  • Add shared steps to test cases without leaving the edit view.
  • View all shared steps actions and expected results directly in the edited test cases.
  • On hover of specific shared step from all shared steps -> shows inner test steps, thus entering into the shared step is not necessary.
  • Duplicate Shared Step with one click.
  • “Find and replace” or “Find and duplicate” within all suites is possible.
  • Change “Assign To” or “Priority” of test cases in different suites
  • On Type Search Test Cases, Shared Steps.
  • Filter Already Automated Test Cases.
  • Focused and Clean design
  • Option to expand “drop down field” on hover (efficiency tweak).
  • Different Themes (Dark / Light / Colored)
  • Migrate Test Cases between different TFS Team Projects or different TFS Servers.
  • Export Test Cases to HTML Report.
  • Complete log of all performed actions.
  • Advanced Search Queries  (e.g. “Title = Navigate To Google OR (CreatedBy: Anton AND CreationDate >= “2013/10/10″)”
  • Estimate better your QA Effort with Statistics Module
  • Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 Support (Microsoft Test Manager 2012/2013)

Extended Test Case Editor


Exported Test Cases Report




Migrate Test Cases between TFS Team Projects/TFS Servers


You can download the source from the new branch- Version_2_0_Branch



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Created by: Anton Angelov

Tested by: Valentin Stoykov and Anton Angelov

Documentation Writer: Valentin Stoykov

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